Our Custom Workwear Socks

Experience the ultimate in durability and comfort with our Workwear Socks, specifically designed for hardworking tradies. These socks are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring your feet stay protected and comfortable throughout long, demanding workdays. Custom Branded Workwear Socks are the perfect choice for your next promotional marketing strategy.

What can your personalised Swanky Socks be used for?

• Event giveaways
• Corporate gifts
• Brand collaborations
• Promotional products
• Purchase gifts
• Company swag

Custom Branded Workwear Socks made from a premium combed cotton blend are an essential choice for workers and tradies seeking comfort and durability. Their fully woven design and crew length ensure optimal coverage and support, catering to the demands of active work environments. With breathable and moisture-wicking properties, these socks keep feet dry and comfortable throughout the day, reducing discomfort and fatigue. Moreover, their gentle texture is kind to the skin, minimising irritation and friction during prolonged wear. Designed for everyday wear, these socks are reliable companions for hardworking individuals, offering both comfort and resilience in every step. Adding custom branding to these high-quality socks not only reinforces team identity but also serves as a subtle yet effective marketing tool for businesses.


• Manufactured from premium combed cotton blend
• Fully woven design
• A crew length sock that comes to the midpoint of your leg
• Breathable and moisture wicking
• Gentle on the skin
• Minimised pilling due to the combing process
• Made for everyday wear

Custom Branded Workwear Bamboo Socks

Our Process

1. Submit Your Brief

Submit your logo through our online form and we will supply you with 3 unique designs.

2. Select Your Design

We offer free design concepts and unlimited edits to ensure you get the perfect pair.

3. Get Your Socks

Put your feet up. We will be in contact with tracking once ready for despatch.

Harness the potential of retail

Our premium retail socks bring a sense of familiarity and prestige, enhancing the perceived value for both employees and clients.


Crew Length

Retail Quality

Fully Custom Colours

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Retail Quality

With meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials, each pair embodies our commitment to excellence, providing unmatched value for wholesalers.

• Retail durability - years of testing • Premium Materials

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Your Socks, On Time

With our express production capabilities, you can trust us to deliver your socks on time, ensuring quality and convenience without compromise.

• 7 - 10 Days Production Time • Service Everystep of the way

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